Drs. Leal and Márquez Speak at International Musicology Society Conference

Last week the International Musicological Society held its 20th meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Professor Cesar Leal from the Music Department and Professor Arturo Márquez from Spanish presented their research along with faculty from all over the world. Prof. Leal delivered his  paper, "New Transatlantic Paths and Alliances in Cultural Entrepreneurship: Business of Opera and Its Role in Fostering a Franco-American Artistic Dialogue, 1905-1913". Leal discussed the role of opera companies in France and U.S. and the effect that circles of patronage had on repertoire, programming, and artistic traveling during the fin-de-siècle. Prof. Márquez explored what he called the "New Queer Chilean Song" in his paper, "The Voice of the Eighties? The Return to the Lost Decade in the Works of Javiera Mena and Alex Anwandter." Both Sewanee  professors, Leal and Márquez, are currently teaching courses featuring music as an important object of study.