“Carrying the Remains: A Boy’s Promise to the Children of Terezin”

James Carlson, a composer and professor of music at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN, is currently working on a project that combines a concert work with music, theater, dance and visual media to tell the poignant story of Jewish Holocaust survivor Tom Lenda. It’s called “Carrying the Remains: A Boy’s Promise to the Children of Terezin.”

The premier of Carrying the Remains will take place on April 2, 2015, and will feature both the university’s Music and Theater Departments. Dr. Carlson has composed the music and edited the script, David Landon, Professor of Theatre Arts and Speech, will narrate, Courtney World, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts and Speech will set the choreography and César Leal, Sewanee Symphony Orchestra Conductor and Assistant Professor of Music will conduct the chamber orchestra. Together with a number of University students a significant work is being created that will fluidly combine narration, music, dance and projected imagery. The result promises to be something rarely seen and profoundly moving.
Fundraising for this project is moving forward with a goal of $4,000. This would enable them to do the following: The 50-minute performance and dress rehearsals will be filmed using a 3 or 4 camera set up. The resulting footage will be edited to effectively present the multifaceted nature of this piece. 1000 copies of the resulting DVD would then be produced. Interviews, talks and panel discussions of the “Sewanee Remembers” conference may also be included on the DVD. Copies of the DVDs will then be sent to various schools and Holocaust and Jewish Studies libraries free of charge to be part of their collections. The remaining copies will be available for sale online and at subsequent performances of Carrying the Remains with the proceeds going to the Tennessee Holocaust Commission .
For more information on this project and to donate, please go here.